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The late William B. Danard founded DANARD ELECTRIC INC. in October 1947. As the third generation we still honor the time proven traditions of service and customer satisfaction. This philosophy has been the backbone of our 59-year history. We believe that with partnership and teamwork we can provide you with a superior product and quality service at a reasonable price.

DANARD ELECTRIC, INC. has been involved in design build project for most of its history and as conditions and technology have changed so have we. We currently offer design services both in-house and using an outside engineer. In-house we have a full time design staff and they are utilizing AutoCAD drafting software. We work well in today’s climate, We bring to the table the approach that fits the requirements of the project and the owner. We specify the products that work and look for the brands that are the most cost effective, while meeting the design criteria. We control costs by functioning from the owner’s perspective. Common sense design is our approach, utilizing the latest in technologies and the most cost effective methods to achieve the result that the owner needs.

We work well with the professional engineering community. Danard has teamed up on many occasions with Cross Engineers, Hultz/BHU Engineers or BCE Engineers to develop a project that maintains an established budget while meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations and providing a stamped set of drawings.

DANARD ELECTRIC, INC. stands behind its work, its product and its word. All of our work and the work of our subcontractors is guarantied for a minimum of one full year after the owner’s acceptance. If a problem does occur we are ready to take care of it with a fleet of full service vans, staffed full time, our vans are out there running every weekday to take care of your problems or to serve your needs. Normal response time to emergencies is one hour and most routine service work can be taken care of with-in one or two days.

Today there are times when the construction industry finds itself with a shortage of qualified workers. DANARD ELECTRIC, INC. has a solid core of top qualified personal available to complete your project. In reviewing the proposed construction schedule we find that this project will be starting in the same time frame as other projects of ours are completing giving us a great opportunity for staffing. If we ever do need other help, we have an outstanding relationship with the local union, so hiring qualified craftspeople to help out is not a problem.

Please feel free to call on DANARD ELECTRIC INC. for all your electrical needs at 253-875-8650 or see our contacts page.

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